Filming Lord Kirkham completing the Three City Peaks challenge

Events for fundraising, growing awareness or sharing experiences are a huge benefit to organisations in the Third-Sector and with 20 years experience of supporting many charities, we are well placed and willing to help.

All the experience, services, technology and expertise we offer to our commercial clients, is available to Third Sector clients at reduced rates. We respect the value of every charity pound spent and we are open about our charging policy. We offer substantially reduced fees and aim to add value wherever we can to drive maximum return on investment.

We are also very sensitive to the very specific needs of individuals involved in charity work, in the needs of contributors and volunteers.

Pro bono event organising support of NYAS fundraising at Eaton Hall

We have worked with leukemia and cancer sufferers, we have worked with overseas aid organisations, with eye specialists, with wounded soldiers, dementia sufferers, disabled children, local hospices, recorded wishes being realised and the sheer joy of enthusiastic volunteers, we have worked with celebrities, Lords, Dukes and Royalty, all in the name of charity - and it is our pleasure to help.




Pro Bono

We select specific projects each year where we commit our time and expertise free of charge. These are chosen privately by our owners, Jim and Alan. 

Pro bono aerial filming at Chatsworth

Pro bono aerial filming at Chatsworth

Throughout 2016 we will be supporting UCL in the creation of a dedicated Dementia Research Institute to enable a cure or treatment to be found for Dementia by 2020 - it seems fitting for our 20th year.


During 2016 we will be donating £1 for each delegate or guest at a corporate, third sector or private event and 1p for every attendee at a public event that we organise during the year. Typically we would expect this to raise around £20,000 and we will be encouraging our clients to match our donations on an event by event basis.