Our aims

We are people who do. We aim to improve communication through the expert application of creative thinking, innovation, technology and on the ground hard work.

We own specialist equipment and tools; cameras, video edit suites and display systems, we hire everything else from our long term strategic partners – that means that we are always able to offer the latest and most appropriate technology for every project.

Our beliefs

We believe in honest and fair pricing – we individually price every project and prefer to agree a budget cap so that we can manage the best value of all spend, monitor every angle and seek added value. 

Our history

Cascade was founded in 1996, in Manchester and from small beginnings it has grown organically and successfully in the 21 years since. During that time the team have work all over the World, managed hundreds of thousands of delegates and helped to improve businesses, organisations and charities. The business has donated tens of thousands of pounds to charity and provided the starting point of a number of great event careers, while winning awards along the way. 

 Alan and Jim in 2015

Alan and Jim in 2015