Parties and Events

Dinner. Awards. Bonding. Charity. Celebration. Wedding. Birthday. Wake.

Any gathering of people for the express purpose of relaxation and entertainment. Great nights only happen by design. 

 The big wow!


When you first arrive at an event, there should be at least one big wow! That moment when you step out of the car and see the scale of the venue for the first time. Or when you walk into the room and are blown away by the decor, the lighting, the sheer wowness of the space! That’s the big wow. It can be as simple as a wow venue. It can be as elaborate as a well crafted reveal. It sets the tone for the event, the sense of occasion, you know you are here to enjoy.

 The little aahs


Once you have experienced the big wow (and there can be more as the event continues), there needs to be lots of little aahs. Those details that bring delight. From the cloakroom, the table plan, the place setting, the table centre, the stage dressing, the music, the smells, a subtle soundscape you’ve just noticed - all of the little things around you that each generate a little aah of appreciation.

 The food is part of the show


The food you eat when you are out can be the hero of the night, the stand out delight from an extraordinary chef, more often it should complement and enhance the sense of theme and occasion. It should never be the reason to remember the poor quality or portion sizes. We talk ‘chef’ and we care about everything that goes onto every plate, including the plate itself. We care about the variety of textures, the colours, tastes, the presentation and how the dish will present after being under the heat lamps at the pass through, then on the long walk to the table. How will it be served and by how many people. What are you drinking along with it. The details matter and nothing can be left to chance.

 Drink oils the night


If it is a drinking event, then matching the right drinks with the crowd is key and making sure there is enough of everything and not too much wasted. When does the bar open, how much to pre-set, what about an arrival drink?

Entertainment - what the guests talk about most when they get home


Most often the thing that guests talk about the next day when they describe the event they attended is the entertainment - if it’s good enough. ‘Great band’, ‘amazing magician’, ‘brilliant comedian’, ’I couldn’t believe my eyes’, ‘what a show!’. If its an award dinner that starts with the host. Charity events should include a powerful appeal. If it’s all about dancing, you want an engaging band or DJ who can react to the crowd, fill the floor and entertain the sitters. We don’t just book acts and artists. We design shows. We often combine acts, add choreography, prepare routines, even linking with the venue and tech teams to create spectacle. Entertainment is at the heart of a great evening.

 Theme by design


You might want a full party theme with dressing, decor and design throughout. You may prefer something simpler or more aligned to the brand. We love to tell stories and connect themes and audiences using all of the design tools - colour, typography, texture, patterns, aroma, light, props, music, effects, backdrops, stage sets, entertainers - every little detail, combined together to create a synergy of design. We don’t have off-the-shelf designs that follow the fashion of the moment, we like to think differently.

 The right space - all the World’s a stage


Finding venues isn’t just about location, size and budget. The style, the entrance, the ambience, the design, the facilities (power, internet, height, catering, bedrooms…) all play their part in contributing to the effectiveness of the event as a whole. So finding the right space is critical. We don’t offer a ‘free’ venue finding service, we offer venue matching - using all our production expertise to match the space to the requirements.

 Guest travel and accommodation


Whether or not you take direct responsbility for the travel and rooming of your guests, we always think about it. It has a bearing on the choice of venue, depending on where the delegates are travelling from. Our hotel team book thousands of bedrooms every year and know how to speak the language of hotels and make sure we can get the best value and the best experience for you and your travellers. We can work with you to organise and plan coach routes, book rail tickets and flights through our ATOL partners, then issue individual itineraries to every traveller with their individual plans if that is what you prefer.