Destination, experience or something a little different

An organised reward for a group of people. 

The Experience is everything

If we are managing winners, we want them to feel like winners from the very beginning.



From the outset, all the correspondance is personalised and should feel very personal, irrespective of how many people are on the trip. We always try to answer the questions in advance that people might be too embarrased to ask. We are very clear about dress code, food, time off and so on, to allay any fears. 

 Wow destination

Verona Incentive-1265.jpg

The destination is often the wow in itself. We like to find venues and accommodation that meet the expectation - it’s not just about the city, island, country, it’s about the whole experience - so the accommodation, venues, restaurants and attractions we choose all have to live up to the expectation.

Personal Care 


Throughout the onsite experience we take care of every person individually. We provide all the important little things that make them feel cared for and ensure that they have everything they need. We also make sure that if there is something they really want to see or do, we do what we can to make it happen. 

 Wow experiences


 While the destination may be memorable, the things you do there can be extraordinary. We like to try and find and access experiences that are a little unexpected and memorable for all the right reasons.

 Wow memories


And when everyone is back home, we provide momentos to remember the trip by.