Example recipe created for use on Instagram

Our in-house video team combine the latest tech with expertise and storytelling experience to create videos that work - whatever the application.

The rapid development of technology means that it is increasingly easy to create video clips yourselves. There will be occasions when self-shot and produced video may work well for you. We think that cooking is a good analogy. We all have kitchens, with hob, oven and equipment - we all have access to the ingredients to create a meal, we can follow a recipe and create something very edible and often enjoyable - but we can also recognise the difference a professional chef can make when given the same tools and ingredients. 

We have master storytellers - directors or Chef-du-Screen - who draw on their experience of creating thousands of video programmes before, their knowledge of filming techniques, technology in filming, graphics, editing, sound and music to devise the most creative and appropriate way to tell your story, creating videos that work - regardless of whether it is for a 6 second social media clip or a 30 minute documentary.

We film to UK broadcast standards, and beyond, using 4K and HD cameras, with a full digital workflow incorporating our fibre-networked 3D-HD edit suites and digital archive facility. What they means in practice is that we can create video at the standard you would expect to see on the TV (or better) and because everything is in-house, we can control scheduling and turn finished videos around very quickly. Our digital archive means that we can efficiently retrieve footage or edited material from previous projects and update them simply or re-use components. We have a full archive of master tapes from the past 20 years and a full digital archive for the past 6 years.