Brand activations. Product launch. Product sampling. Exhibitions. Public displays.

Experiential is typically an event without a dedicated audience, they require all of the production skills associated with conference and event production, but with some added draw. 

 The big look


When you first arrive at an event, you want to impress with the big look! That moment when you see the design and implementation for the first time. Or when you walk into the room and are blown away by the decor, the lighting, the sheer wowness of the space! That’s the big wow. It can be as simple as a wow venue. It can be as elaborate as a well crafted reveal. It sets the tone for the event, the sense of occasion, you want to see more. 

 The little details


Once you have experienced the big look (and there can be more as the event continues), there needs to be lots of little details that catch the visitors attention. Those details that bring delight. The decor, the music, the smells, the giveaways, the sampling, the dressing - all of the little things around you that each generate a little aah of appreciation.

 Theme by design


You might want a full party theme with dressing, decor and design throughout. You may prefer something simpler or more aligned to the brand. We love to tell stories and connect themes and audiences using all of the design tools - colour, typography, texture, patterns, aroma, light, props, music, effects, backdrops, stage sets, entertainers - every little detail, combined together to create a synergy of design. We don’t have off-the-shelf designs that follow the fashion of the moment, we like to think differently. 

 The right space - all the World’s a stage


Finding venue isn’t just about location, size and budget. The style, the entrance, the ambience, the design, the facilities (power, internet, height, catering, bedrooms…) all play their part in contributing to the effectiveness of the event as a whole. So finding the right space is critical. We don’t offer a ‘free’ venue finding service, we offer venue matching - using all our production expertise to match the space to the requirements.