Content and storytelling work hand in hand, they create a message that should inspire productivity and continue to stimulate the audience long after the event. 

There are varying areas of content development we can work with you on, to target your audience in a unique way to suit your brand. 

Presentation Creation 

Whether we use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or Haiku Deck the benefit of a professional presentation designer is clear to see. Consistent application of the brand or theme, clearer design means easier to read and understand slides, the inclusion of visuals and imagery to get the message across more clearly. 


In an ever visual world, where everyone carries a camera in their phone, photography is booming. For photographs to stand out they need to be taken by a professional. 

Whether it is photography for use in pre or post event materials, on a website, on display graphics or to capture the event itself, Cascade have photographers in-house and freelance specialists for you to utilise. 

Private online galleries will be created in our client area to be shared with you after the event. 


Design is a powerful support for any meeting or conference - good design, consistent colours and typography, correct application of brand guidelines all aid great communication. We cover any element of design including printed assets, on screen assets, video, signage, banners, exhibits, awards and all pre and post communication. 

Script, Copy Writing and Storytelling 

Good writing is at the heart of all communication. 

We can help with copywriting from materials provided or creating a script or outline, based on a brief given or research undertaken on your behalf. 

We can write about complex principles in a few words. We can write to a limited time. We can arrange for translation into any language, including matching the timed length of the script when read in a different language. 


Whilst we can provide traditional and off-the-shelf team building activities, we most typically devise things that people can do together, that ties in completely with the purpose of the meeting or conference and suits the people involved.