Alpro Brand Plan Week


To design and produce 5 brand days for the top retailers across the UK. Alpro's brand plan days are the launch pad for the following years vision, our job was to immerse the audience with creative engagement during each day. 


The core objectives of the event were to engage the target audience throughout the day and immerse them in Alpro’s world with face to face interaction and key sampling.

Pre event research was undertaken with Alpro to understand their key aims for each retailer and how this could be translated into a captivating experience across sampling, staging, AV and post event comms. Months of planning were spent with the Alpro team to devise a theme and look that was consistent with their overall message that would be communicated in 2016.  


With the target audience at the heart of each day, we wanted the retailers to experience unforgettable products, engage with Alpro in a positive and enthusiastic way that would eventually lead to the retailers stocking more of their products in 2016 as well as supporting the brand in the years ahead.  

In order to do this we had to transform two key venues in the north and south of the country. The venues were chosen due to the proximity to the retailer’s head offices. Each location provided its own challenges; room size, technical support, light and delegate flow, because of this the sets couldn’t be identical and had to be tailored to the venue but still keep a consistent message.

One of the key aims of the day were sampling the products, the target audience had to go away understanding how each product would fit with their consumer. The sampling had to fit with the overall theme of a journey as well as the staging and delegate flow. Managing the samples was essential to the running of the day; thorough pre-production time was taken to ship and plan the delivery of hundreds of products to each venue. It was Cascades job to meticulously organise the samples across northern and southern venues to ensure the audience could taste all 2016 ranges.


In order to immerse the audience in the consumer journey we created a set that reflected this. We broke the day into two parts, the introduction mirroring the Alpro brand and the sampling stage that fully immersed the audience.

The sampling stage took the audience on a journey both through the information that was given and physically as we constructed a set that mirrored a house including a movable set that took them on  psychical journey through each part of the day. 

Each area had its own style, theme and design to transport the audience into a different environment. 


“Genuinely delighted with the entire process. During the briefing stage, I found responses very timely and the team were flexible to budget requirements. At the event itself, the set up was efficient and ran exactly to schedule. I was extremely impressed by the interpretation of the brief, the look and feel was absolutely perfect. The feedback from our clients was that this was the best event of its kind they had been to; we couldn’t ask for more”

Vicky Walsh, Marketing Controller UK and Ireland, Alpro 



Alan Wight