App of the month

By Joanne Madeley

The reason why I love events is I always get to learn something new, no matter how big or small, extending my knowledge is something I welcome. 

Whilst working on a charity fundraising evening in London last week, we needed a quick and efficient way to take card payments. Very few people tend to carry cash around with them, even if they are intending to donate to charity so we needed a reliable system that would be easy to use. 

World Pay was the chosen app for a numbers of reasons; we loved that it would accept payments anywhere with mobile network coverage, it accepts all major credit or debit cards as well as only taking seconds to process. If you require a receipt this can also be completed in seconds, being sent to a mobile phone number or email address. 

Bluetooth connects the World Pay handset to whatever device your using, computer, tablet or phone. The system works much faster using WiFi but will function off 4G alone in order to transfer the payment. 

It really is as simple as that, quick and easy to use and looks sleek in front  of guests, we would certainly recommend. 

Joanne Madeley