Fireworks vs Trams

By Joanne Madeley

An anti climax for some, the event of the year for others whichever way you look at it the countdown and what comes after is the highlight of the evening. Manchester's firework display was definitely the talking point of New Year's Eve but unfortunately not for the right reasons. 

New Year's Eve enthusiasts had to wait four minutes past midnight to celebrate the arrival of 2015 as a tram apparently pulled into the firework zone, halting the midnight display that the public had eagerly waited for. 

Fireworks often come with their own set of problems, needing rigorous risk assessments, temporary event notices and numerous health and safety measures. The likelihood of a tram entering the display zone isn't something that would come to mind, unless you were working within a busy city centre but even so, surely this would have been thought of weeks, even months before.

There needed to be an advance transport plan, much like the blog we wrote on the Ideal Home Exhibition at the Trafford Centre. We can only presume that a plan was put together but somewhere along the lines there was mixed communication. For Event Managers it's about actively managing everything and trying to think of all the possible things that could go wrong and not letting these happen.  

Some may say it added to the suspense of the evening, but timing is often everything in this industry and the control freaks within us have to to take control of every possible variable!

Joanne Madeley