Should you use venue equipment?

This is often a question I get asked a lot - what equipment does the venue have? Isn't it easier to use that instead of hiring externally? Probably, if you want to save time making a couple of phone calls, but in the long term and for the success of your event it may not be. 

Every venue is different and every venue looks after it's technical equipment in a different way. This can range from never being serviced to having an in house tech team that regularly maintain the onsite equipment. 

One of the most important parts of a conference is the technical equipment. If the power fails there is no event, if the PowerPoint fails there is no content or if the projector fails there are no visuals. I can go on but you get the idea...failure isn't an option. 

In my experience it isn't worth taking the risk and whilst many venues have great technical equipment, we always go with what we know, trusted suppliers who we have worked with for years who we know won't let us down. They triple check everything they bring and always have spares on hand - no matter how big! Our suppliers have technicians who also come onsite with us who work day in, day out with this equipment and know just what to do with it in case the worst happens. 

As a general rule we would always advise to use our technical equipment/ suppliers - the tech can be one of the most stressful things on the day for both the team and the needs to right. 

Joanne Madeley