App of the month - Dropbox

By Joanne Madeley

This is an easy one for us, a straightforward app that saves all your files in one place. Years ago we would go to the filing cabinet, file away our documents under varying headers and projects and shut the drawer. However, when it came to sifting back through these, trying to find that one document you needed was painstaking. 

Saving your documents onto a 'cloud' is nothing new but we become immune to how clever this technology is. We're used to having a physical piece of paper in a draw, now it's floating around in a cyber world. Genius. 

Dropbox has many advantages, it's a free service which is brilliant, however if you require more storage this is chargeable but you're getting a lot for your money. Bags of storage that can hold photos, documents and video's anywhere...not just in the office, but anywhere. 

Using Dropbox as part of your company is great, but one obvious thing we would recommend is not syncing huge files to the shared Dropbox, this can slow everyone's server and make working as painful as that filing cabinet. We had to learn the hard way. 

However creating your own personal account is a way of getting around this and this can be downloaded to sit next to your shared Dropbox but still keep privacy from other users. 

We would definitely recommend. 

Joanne Madeley