App of the month Podio

By Joanne Madeley

What is it? 

It's only fitting that we start with the app we use the most and that's Podio. This is an online platform with a new take on how works gets done. I would imagine this is great for any industry but it has great benefits when working in events. 

Podio supplies a web-based platform which is great for team communication, app creation specifically for your company and projects, holding projects all in once place and managing jobs wherever you are in the world. 

What we love about it....

There are too many pros to mention but one of my favourites is being able to design client feedback forms through your company website, that directly link to Podio which collates all the data and stores it in one place, extremely useful.  

Creating apps is an obvious one, but if you're in a rush and want to add data in quickly, you can choose an application through the app store, readily built and easy to use, the thinking is done for you. 

Creating workspaces for specific projects is another useful tool, this allows you to have a dedicated page for projects and build apps around this specific project, really useful for larger scale jobs with multiple elements. 

Podio also allows you to update a project from anywhere in the world and the office will always be across this. Updating timings, client details, event changes - very easy to do and very efficient if someone in the office is waiting to put this information within a proposal. You may just think it's easier to email this, but the point is it stores your most up to date details in one place - you can always refer to it and see your logged history. 

Our conclusion....

If you're looking for an accessible project management system I would certainly give this one a go, or at least learn more about it. Really useful and something we couldn't live without. 

Joanne Madeley