Crew Love...

A good event begins with the right crew and as we all know most events are a 12 hour day or longer, so looking after the people who make it happen is fundamental. 

Having seen numerous events take place, it seems like some people forget the basics. This may seem pretty obvious but offering a cup of tea to people who haven't had a break because of schedules changing, onsite challenges or just due to the manic day, goes a long way. 

The crew work throughout the day to make the event perfect and sometimes throughout the night and one of the most important things to keep people going is food. Often seeing the delegates food leave the kitchen is quite literally mouth watering and whilst the crew don't often get the equivalent it's important they are given something substantial. 

It's a known fact that food is linked to concentration levels and ensuring a steady intake of food across your day helps keep you alert and motivated! Staying alert and on your toes during an event, can be the difference between cuing the lights or working in a blackout, so keeping sugar levels high is a necessity! 

Allowing time for the crew to take a break, providing snacks, sweets and fruit during the day makes a huge difference and remember working on an empty stomach is never productive...I should know! 

Don't forget, at the end of a long session, the crew need to take a breath - don't immediately jump on them to start to change or rehearse the next session!

As Virgina Woolf would say, 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.'

Joanne Madeley