Did you know that in 2013 Cascade...

Brought Wembley to life with XBOX on the stadium screens

Brought a garden party to life with the Red Devil parachute team

Prepared a luxury desert dinner in Dubai and a VIP trip to New York

Appeared on BBC2

Arranged factory tours

Developed themes and content for conferences, meetings and roadshows in hotels, convention centres, marquees, theatres, factories, cinemas, bowling alley and stadia.

Arranged parties in marquees, dressed a home interior, gentleman's club, summer garden, an english pub and Christmas in New York

Created a Victorian theatre, an Ibiza nightclub, 4 decades of Playstation and an outdoor Convestival (conference festival)

Worked with chefs to create memorable meals with the finest details

Filmed in factories, on the farm, in a butcher and helicopter air-to-air.

Supported charities through runs, editing, equipment and financially.

Lectured to students at University and presented internationally about presentation techniques.

Won awards for engagement and events and had recognition for one of the best young people in the industry.

Worked with a cathedral organ, zombies, Roman soldiers, trick footballers, flying carpet, Faraday cage, dancers, sand artist, three tenors, butter sculpture, fireworks, ice rink, jazz pianist, cartoonists, streamed live, wiki-workshopped, insta-video group feedback, created an instant choir and challenged with snakes, rats and cockroaches.

Welcomed three new members onto the team (and a baby)

2013 was a busy and varied year.


Alan Wight