Getting Fresh in Copenhagen!

Next week over 150 meeting professionals, designers and partners will come together from all over the World for the FRESH conference in Copenhagen - dedicated to improving content development at meetings and conferences. The theme of this year's FRESH conference is the Human Dimension.

The Cascade team will be there taking a leading role helping to present and develop the content, and at the same time the Cascade video team will be capturing the whole event in a Fresh way for use at the event and for education afterwards.

If you can't attend the conference in person, you can join in the Hybrid conference for free during sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

You can view the complete Fresh programme here

The conference provides some great new techniques and learning. Here are 20 discoveries you can make at #FRESH14


1.     The Appreciative Inquiry by Kaj Voetmann, looking at the past and the  future & Theory U by Jennifer Lem

2.     The Hybrid segment is a well-prepared show that goes out live twice a day. It is free to attend and shares a part of the FRESH program with participants all over the world

3.     Co-Creation, there are several methods and levels of co-creation - discover and experience at least four at FRESH and see the results of our co-creation at FRESH13

4.     Research on panel discussion formats, based on a survey of 500 industry thought-leaders, will be presented

5.     Meta-praxis roadmap, a simple, objective-based way to find the right facilitator for your meeting.

A.    ART

6.     Professor Phillips will reveal the value that entertainment really adds to conferences and events

7.     Photography, this art form does so much more than report back from a conference



8.     Participants will turn their chairs away from the screen toward the technicians to take a look at why we have so many crew at FRESH14 and to learn about what they do

9.     A comedian, a visual facilitator, three wall reporters, seven different facilitators and many more to see in action


10.  The soft microphone participants throw between themselves during Q&A - and we have four of them!

11.  A dozen of ways to capture conference content, FRESH will be the most captured conference ever: see and experience all methods.

12.  Lego as a tool central to a facilitation method: Lego serious play


13.  A virtual meeting room with 28 video participants on-line

14.  Hybrid Angel, an on-site participant in the on-line meeting room shows the on-liners around  via an iPad

15.  Cyborg participant, a robot allows a remote/on-line participants to be a bit more present; ‘walking around’ becomes an option

16.  WeConference by SpotMe is launched and used at FRESH

17.  Brain Scanner, one participant will permanently wear a brain scanner to capture how he feels in a session

18.  Start-ups, new technology companies from as far as India join FRESH to launch their services and products

19.  All the innovations presented at the EIBTM innovation zone plus about a dozen mobile apps to compare

20.  Spotme, MeetingSphere and Sendsteps will be some of the co-creation technology you can experience.

Look out for updates from the team once we return.

Alan Wight