Panasonic introduces 152-inch 3D 4k HDTV

Panasonic does it again, introduces 152-inch 3D 4k HDTV" - 

If that gigantic HDTV above looks a few inches shy of 152-inches, its because it is. While Panasonic has shared a few details about the existence of its new biggest HDTV ever (full release after the break) it has not been shown to the public yet. We imagine it'll look a lot like its little brother pictured above, after all, it features the same 4k resolution and a relatively unobtainable price. What will make a bigger difference then the extra two inches though is the fact that this one is will display 3D content. Panasonic is giving a sneak peak of their new stuff in a bit, so with any luck we'll get a real life picture of the new behemoth in action.

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