Apple iPad Presentation

#eventprofs Watching the launch of Apple's latest toy the iPad on UStream Live. It's amazing that the norm now is that people are streaming live video from inside the auditorium, sharing photos of the screen and slides and blogging them live - Apple haven't finished their launch presentation and Twitter and the tech blogs are alive with feedback, comments and opinion. Extraordinary.

On a positive note, the simplicity of the conference set up is brilliant - a single large projection screen against a black backdrop, simple Keynote slides on a grey (graduated) background with single images or simple text. The presenter has the run of the stage with a lectern at the side for when its needed.

Short presentations from each presenter on a single subject with swift handovers to different content specialists.

The whole thing is simple, structured and slick - I just don't get the uncontrolled live streams from the audience - couldn't Apple have set up an official stream with good bandwidth and made it available to the press and tech blogs?

Will we buy an iPad? Probably won't be able to resist (Keynote looks particularly exciting on the iPad)