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Cascade Productions appear in current edition of Conference & Incentive Travel with a two page case study of the Iceland Florida Conference at C&IT Magazine

Comments were from Iceland's CEO Malcolm Walker - extract:

Defending the £4m budget, Walker says: "If anyone questions our investment, the reaction of our staff should justify everything. It may be intangible, but I just know it has been worth it. Cascade Productions really pulled out all the stops and everything ran very smoothly. I just left them to get on with it and everything worked well. Just like Disney, it's the small things they do that you don't necessarily notice. For example, everywhere we went there was a red carpet down for us."
Walker sent his managers home with the news that all shopfloor staff would receive an above-average five per cent pay increase for the next year. He concludes: "I wish I could have brought all my 19,000 staff to Florida but I couldn't so hopefully the managers are now motivated for the key Christmas period and they will pass that excitement onto staff. Plus, the pay increase will help."


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