Plastic Free Events - our Pledge

We shot video and photography to support the PR launch with Managing Director, Richard Walker.

We shot video and photography to support the PR launch with Managing Director, Richard Walker.

Last week we supported our longstanding client, Iceland Foods in their groundbreaking pledge to lead the way in removing plastic from supermarket packaging. The story was covered in the media and online all over the World including national TV networks, CNN and all the major newspapers. It was even praised by the Prime Minister in PMQs.

The issue of single use plastics is huge - Richard Walker, Iceland's MD, himself described to us in terms that makes you stop and think...we use something once, sometimes for seconds, like a straw or water bottle, then throw it away - but the plastic lasts for hundreds of years. It's madness.

Now we are going to take getting rid of plastics seriously.

We are committing  to removing all single use plastics from our events by 2020.

In some instances it will be straightforward. It's easy to avoid plastic water bottles and drinking straws. We will avoid plastic badges and pouches (even though the ones we use now are 100% recyclable). For some things we routinely use plastics in a way that is unsustainable - for example, laminates on signage - we use them primarily to protect the surface from damage, but they mean the whole sign can't be recycled. We have to find a way to do it.

There will be no cost impact to our clients and we intend there to be no noticeable difference to our guest experiences, but we will be doing our bit to reduce the harm caused by plastics in land-fill, incinerators and our oceans.

The event industry has always been guilty of a disposable culture. Ahead of 2010, Cascade Productions joined others in making a concerted sustainability push to reduce the carbon footprint of our events. We did it without fanfare but we have changed many of our practices and made a difference.

We are confident that the event industry collectively could make a significant reduction in the impact of plastics and we hope other event companies will join us. 



Alan Wight