Manchester Unites

What great sadness to hear of reports of terror in your own city. Our hearts break for the empty beds, the broken families, the hurt and the sadness brought about through mindless violence.

Another MEN concert on a happier day

Another MEN concert on a happier day

The Manchester Arena, our MEN, is a venue we all know and have visited for years. It is the home to many great experiences and happy memories - and it will be again.

Any event professional who has been close to catastrophe will share our thoughts too for the performers and crew, high on the adrenaline of a live show and mid-tour, now locked out - away from their stuff, frozen in time and in devastating circumstances. We're with you.

And for Manchester? This area of Manchester has been bombed twice before. First by Hitler in 1940, then by the IRA in 1996 - it rebounded stronger and more united from those attacks and it will again.

Ours is a great city, it is united in sorrow today but will be stronger tomorrow.


Alan Wight