How to avoid a fright on event night


All event professionals will admit to being haunted by a few skeletons in the event closet – secrets we’ll likely take to the grave. But there are things that can’t be hidden or unseen, dark days and nights that reveal themselves as slowly and painfully as a conference set peeling from the wall.

Today, on all hallows eve, let us reveal our worst nightmares to ensure that your event proves a treat...

Spine-chilling scheduling

By Cascade consensus the scariest thing to happen would be for guests to arrive for an event on the wrong day.

Double and triple check your details when sending out comms – the date, time (and if applicable, time zone!) are crucial details that cannot be confused. Then ensure that all of your key suppliers such as venue, accommodation and transport are made aware of any changes no matter how small.

Transport traumas

As hard as it can be for event planners to admit, there are things that operate out of their control/schedule/diary and transport is frequently and nail-bitingly one of them. If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard the phrase “traffic on the M6”, we could throw a party to end all parties (no….wait…?!)

We’d love to be your angels but we’re convinced that the devil himself comes into play - check all of the travel apps a couple of hours in advance of go-live, make a contingency plan and make sure you pray to the traffic and public transport gods.

Invisible guests

It rarely happens but finding that guests haven’t been allocated a room always causes a fright. Firstly, don’t lose your head – check your data if you have the chance but now isn’t the time to eyeball the venue staff, you need to work together effectively to solve the problem at hand. Calmly reassure the guest that you’ll fix the problem, seat them nearby with the offer of a beverage and work on a solution that works for them. It won’t be the problem they remember further on down the line, it’ll be how you fixed it.

Shock suppliers

You’ve confirmed, re-confirmed, rang the day before (you know, just in case!) and then a supplier lets you down at the 11th hour. It’s happened to us all. The key here is to cleverly use the resources available to you rather than sobbing that the wrong colour beanbags were delivered…

Problems will occasionally creep up on you no matter how rigorously you plan ahead but the show must always go on.

Troublesome Tech

There will be times when your live-poll is more of a dead poll, your formulas won’t fix and your videos are vexing. As much as we love tech it really does drive us insane at times! So who ya gonna call?

The experts.

Partnering with professionals will instantly take a monstrous amount of stress away. They’ll test, test and test again to ensure that all runs as smoothly as possible to provide an amazing event experience.

From all at Cascade,

Happy Halloween!


Sam Harratt