Perks of the job - what's the norm?

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Motivation in the workplace takes many forms – a bonus, recognition schemes and supplementary vouchers are all common practice in today’s working world. However, some businesses provide more unusual perks…

One of the benefits of working at Cascade is that team members are given a yearly allowance to use on an ‘experience day’. The experience can be anything as long it inspires creatively.

Post experience we share our findings with the wider team in order to apply our discoveries (or at least, elements of!) to upcoming events. It also serves us well in keeping ahead of popular culture and industry trends. We’d like to share some of our 2017 experiences with you:

Rebecca dined with The Rabbit in the Moon

Earlier this year our Venue Specialist, Rebecca, went to check out Manchester dining spot du jour – The Rabbit in the Moon. A concept restaurant focused on bringing service, sound and interiordesign together to create an exclusive dining experience.

Rebecca: I love checking out new venues around town (both in and out of work!) And The Rabbit in the Moon had been top of my list for a while….

Tucked away in the Urbis building, we were made to feel extremely welcome on arrival, offered an aperitif and shown to the cocktail bar - full of comfy sofas with a unique drinks menu. I had to try the Bellini with ‘melt in your mouth’ caviar – delicious!

After being escorted to our table for dinner, we were quickly greeted with the first of 17 courses… ‘Moon Rabbit’, which can only be described as crispy ‘rabbit-ear-shaped’ crackers in edible soil. Very visually distinctive and tasted great.

During the next 16 courses we were delighted with a range of dining concepts, with a big push on hand held dishes. My personal favourites were the Wagyu truffle nigari, Char sui octopus and the plum sake. As my first tasting menu experience, I was pleasantly surprised!

The service was second to none – the staff were extremely attentive throughout with each dish served with tasting notes from the head chef. All this with a serious side order of sound track including classic Snoop Dogg. An experience I will never forget.

 Sam had a field day at Field Day festival

Over summer our Content Specialist, Sam, took to Victoria Park, London for Field Day festival. A staple in the festival calendar, the line-up featured heavyweights in the music world such as Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Joe Goddard.

Sam: We’re always looking for new concepts to work with in our productions and festivals always provide such inspiration…..

The sun was shining on arrival at the park and security (whilst being 100% thorough and professional) had smiles on their faces – such an important way to set the tone of any event when often the doormen/women are your first port of call!

A giant map of the grounds proved a welcome photo op to refer back to later in the day and sent us packing across the park to the pleasantly quiet bar.

After sinking a pint or two we wandered round the grounds – the poster walls were simple but visually effective and featured local businesses, venues and of course upcoming artist releases. However the big draw came from ‘Red Stripe’ in the form of a wall built entirely of vintage stereos – a magnet for social media selfies!

The jaw-dropping main indoor stage ‘The Barn’ was a real structural delight and we salute the crew responsible – resembling an airport hangar, the vastness managed to balance the functional need for shelter with a roomy playground for the AV techs. Notably, the mind-bending 3D set produced for Aphex Twin was simply out of this world.

Having danced ourselves silly, we took a team picture in front of the strategically placed Field Day branding and with slight sunburn, sore feet and smiles on our faces stumbled off into the night.

Mike slept like a King at King Street Townhouse

As the autumnal nights rolled in, our AV Specialist, Mike, chose to hibernate for the evening at ‘The King Street Townhouse’. Showcased as a ‘baby grand’ hotel, the architecturally impressive Italian renaissance style immediately lived up to its description…

Mike: Entering the lobby, the chic nature of the hotel was immediately reflected in the décor and dress of the staff. Check-in was warm with porterage services swiftly offered.

Upon following the simple directional signage to our room we were impressed with the level of opulence – a stylish lamp cast a warm glow across the room while a retro radio serenaded us with classical music. The luxe feel was compounded by understated little touches – a double wardrobe featuring automatic lighting, a hidden mini bar and a large bookcase packed with classic novels.

After unpacking, we immediately donned our embroidered waffle robes to trial the spa.
Heated flooring led us through to the relaxation room; featuring floor-to-ceiling windows this incredible space provided amazing views of Manchester city centre. Sipping complimentary fruit infused water, we made our way to the famous rooftop infinity pool - despite visiting on a typically overcast Manchester day, it proved to be a highlight.

On our way back to the room we were able to sneak a glance at the privately hired 6th floor terrace area before sinking into a sumptuous nights’ sleep courtesy of the divine bedware.

Our stay at King Street Townhouse left us relaxed and rejuvenated and in some serious doubt as to what then classifies as a grand hotel!

With the many of the team still set to venture off on their experiences (VIP Mediterranean boat trip anyone?!) we can’t wait to hear back from them to see which knowledge we can apply in future – it may be something as small as inspiring a beautifully crafted menu or as large as booking a headliner act.

Where would you choose to go on your experience day?

Sam Harratt