A month (plus a few days) in the life of a newbie

It’s been Carnival and Christmas in the seven weeks since I started as Event Assistant at Cascade. That’s 35 working days and counting – just over an advent calendar’s worth! (And boy have I quickly learnt that our lovely suppliers keep us well stocked in the chocolate & cake department.)

I’ve got to grips with those pesky log in passwords, trolley dashed around warehouses, interviewed unsuspecting and often unwilling folk on camera, learnt to write both a proposal and call sheet, sourced dancing horses and fortune tellers but one thing that still evades me is the full and correct brew round. They take milk ratios here very seriously.

They told me working in events was hard/crazy/demanding/lots-of-other-strong-words but it’s also really good fun with a really great and supportive team. After my first 2 day, 20 hour marathon of an event I concluded that “I didn’t cry and I didn’t quit.” Long may it stay that way.

Alan Wight